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Product Vision

Spatial computing is the next computer interface after mobile and will revolutionize the world. While we can't impact the hardware side like Meta or Apple we are impacting the software side of furthering spatial computing.

Foundry exists to democratize access to building and owning immersive experiences for indie devs, communities, studios, and enterprises. We're building an SDK on top of Unity as it's the most widely used platform for 3D experiences and we want to enable the most amount of developers to build their own spatial experiences.

We're deliberately not building a closed platform as we feel everyone should have complete control and ownership of what they build. We're open sourcing the majority of the functionality to engage with the developer community and collaboratively build the best possible project for building and owning your own virtual reality experiences, whether games, social VR communities, or enterprise applications like training, 3D business collaboration that's better than Zoom, or immersive sales and marketing experiences.

Anyone can use the open source Foundry code and their own servers and build and deploy anything they'd like.  

We'll monetize Foundry through a mixture of optional, easy to use server subscriptions, custom implementations for enterprise, optional support and maintenance contracts, paid modules and creation of a marketplace, and eventually through a cloud-based open clone of popular social platforms that will serve as a stepping stone for companies and indies to get started without technical knowledge and serve as a community space for Foundry devs and projects.

Use Cases

Custom Virtual Reality Communities

Tired of using other platforms? Want to own your user base and have complete control of what you build? Migrate off of any other platform and come build your own community with the Foundry SDK, we're building all the functionality and tools you'll need to run a community on your own app you deploy to the Quest, Steam, or an independent APK you distribute to your community.

Virtual Reality Training

VR is one of the best forms for all business related training, from soft skills to hard skills training. There are a variety of enterprise VR training platforms out there, but none give you complete control, flexibility, and ownership of your code. With Foundry you can create custom environments and training and deploy to your employees. As Foundry is a Unity SDK that enables easier custom development you can use existing SDK's like's lightweight SDK for Unity to move data to your LMS system.

Business Collaboration

Zoom can only do so much. With virtual reality you can truly be present while collaborating. All the downsides of remote or Zoom are mitigated with VR. Foundry enables you to build your own custom, 3D environment for collaboration, remote meetings, whiteboarding, and more. With features like audio isolation areas, whiteboards, videos and images, even integrations with popular AI concepting tools. You can create the perfect environment for your team or whole company to collaborate virtually.

Immersive Sales and Marketing Experiences

VR is a growing channel for sales and marketing experiences, particularly for products that are extremely large or complex to understand, as well as immersive brand experiences for consumer companies. With Foundry you can craft any sales or marketing experience without restriction as we enable more easier custom development on top of Unity. You can tap into our robust back end to build custom integrations to your user base or to do eCommerce within a spatial experience. All the upside of marketing on other platforms, but none of the downside.



Pre-built Ready Player Me avatars, a pre-configured RPM integration, and the entire avatar system is modular to enable custom avatars or other avatar systems.

Back end

We have an elegant, simple back end for user management and to integrate to other systems, additionally we have a pre-configured integration to Beamable, a powerful back end for games.


Modular multiplayer interface that allows you to run your experiences with Photon Fusion or Mirror, in the cloud or on-premise for Enterprise solutions.

Interaction Framework

From physics interactions to locomotion, hand posing and more, Foundry ships with an elegant, easy to use and customize interaction system better than many paid solutions on the Unity Asset Store

Prefab objects, interactions, and scenes

Foundry has a growing library of custom assets for use, some free and open source, and others paid. 

- environments

- interactive networked objects like whiteboards & video players

- portals, scene changes, etc

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